Zone visit scheme launching on 1st April 2015

chine house zone scheme flyer


On 1st April 2015 we are launching a zone visit scheme. The scheme is aimed at reducing the costs for you by improving how efficiently we organise our visits.

We have split our practice area into three zones. Zone visits will be available for one day a week in each zone. There will be no standard visit charge applied, instead a fee of £5 per horse seen (up to a maximum of £15 per owner) will be incurred. The cost of the service provided (e.g. vaccination, tooth rasp, etc.) will be charged on top of this at the normal price.

In return for this significant reduction in fees, we ask our clients to book by 4pm the day before the visit. To make the system work we need to beflexible about the vet who may attend and the time of the visit. Our receptionists will contact you, once all requests have been assessed, to give you an estimated time of arrival. We hope you find this service helpful and welcome any feedback.

For more information click here. ZONE VISIT SCHEME

As well as the zone scheme, the practice has also introduced other special offers for our clients. For more information click here. SPECIAL OFFERS