Winter Equine Castration Offer

Autumn has arrived. The onset of the cooler weather is an ideal time to castrate youngstock. There are a number of surgical options for performing castrations. Like all surgical procedures, they can have complications and we would advise you to discuss your options with one of our equine vets. If you are considering having a colt castrated, we are offering a discounted rate for standing castrations until December 31st of this year. The price for a routine standing castration performed at the surgery, as a day case, will be £140-00 inc VAT. For the same procedure performed at your premises, the fee would be £160-00 inc VAT. This does not include the cost of the visit which would be charged on top.
Please feel free to talk to one of our vets for further information. Remember that, should any complications arise, we have the back up of an experienced team of equine clinicians, nurses, surgeons and a fully equipped equine hospital.


Winter castration offer