From Monday 16th August as the UK Government relaxes the restrictions put in place due to the pandemic we wanted to advise you of how we will be working for the immediate future.
If you are happy to continue be seen in the car park then do as you have been, park in a numbered bay in the car park, call reception and give them your bay number and the vet will come out to you. Following your consultation please call reception to pay over the phone.
For all admits/discharges we will continue to do this via the phone and you should stay in your car. The nurse will come to you to collect/deliver your pet.
If you wish to come into the building for your consultation upon arrival come into reception to pick up a pager. IF YOU ARE COMING INTO THE BUILDING YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING. ONLY ONE PERSON IS ALLOWED IN THE CONSULTATION ROOM WITH THE VET.
There is a hand sanitising unit at the reception entrance. Give the receptionist your pager number and then return to your car. When the vet is ready for your consult they will page you. Come into the building – return the pager to the basket indicated on reception and go into the consult room. Following your consult please pay at reception, again please stand back from the reception desk unless using the payment machine. We are introducing the pager system to limit the numbers of people in the reception/consult areas.
If you are calling to collect medicines/food please continue to remain in the car park, call the receptionist to advise you are here and they will bring your order out to your car.
Although we appreciate that all of the restrictions put in place by the government have been relaxed we still have staff that have not been double vaccinated. Should any staff member contract Covid then all those that have come into contact that have not been double vaccinated would need to isolate. This could potentially mean us having to drastically reduce the number of appointments we have, or worse case scenario than we have to temporarily close the hospital.
Thank you for your continued understanding. We will regularly review how we are working and will update you via our websites.