Small Animal Insurance Claims – Policy

There are different levels of cover provided by Insurance companies, please check your policy or with your insurer to ensure the procedure/treatment is covered.  If you are making a claim please bring your claim form with you when you collect your pet having completed the owners section of the form, please include your policy number and sign the form.  Our insurance team will then complete the rest of the form and send this to your Insurance Company.  For any queries please contact our insurance department on 01509 812446 or

We are able to offer a direct insurance claim service on claims over £300 provided that:

  • Your policy excess is paid on collection of your pet
  • You must provide a copy of your policy and a claim form when you collect your pet
  • Any fees incurred for completion of the insurance form are paid on collection of your pet*

*Fees for all claims: – £13.67 for new claims and £6.80 for continuation claims