Corona virus guidance for clients 14th April 2020

Dear Clients

We hope that you and your families are all well and coping in this current lockdown.

We as a veterinary hospital have had to change the way we work in light of government instructions and advice from our regulators. We hope that you understand the reasoning behind these changes. First and foremost we must consider public health and secondly we must concern ourselves with animal health and welfare.

During the first three weeks of lockdown we were asked to refrain from many routine procedures that we usually conduct on a daily basis. We were told that only emergency work should take place. While these principles largely still apply, a few procedures can now be considered appropriate if they are deemed to be necessary and cannot be left for a further two months. Every individual case should be risk assessed and the procedure should only be performed if the requirements of social distancing can be met.

We are now able to start primary vaccination courses, complete primary courses and give annual booster vaccinations. We can perform equine castrations. We will also undertake AI work if your mares are left at the hospital for us to monitor. Zone visits will remain suspended for the time being.

If at all possible, we would encourage you to bring your animals to the hospital for us to treat. If you do, you would not have to leave your vehicle and you would be able to stay a safe distance from our staff. We can unload and load your animals for you and carry out any necessary treatment. Where visits are necessary during normal working hours, we will sometimes be able to bring an equine nurse with us. Our nurse can hold your animal for us to treat and it will mean that we can achieve the social distancing requirements for you. In this way we will hopefully keep you and our staff safe. Out of hours and at weekends it may often not be possible to attend with a nurse. If you have serious concerns about social distancing and would like us to try and bring a nurse with us, please let us know in advance. We will always do our best to keep our distance as much as we possibly can and ask that you do the same. We would ask that you do not attend if you are classed as vulnerable, are self-isolating or are showing any symptoms of corona virus. If you cannot or shouldn’t attend, we would ask that you make sure that a suitable adult is present to meet and assist us. If we are required to see several horses belonging to different people at the same premises, we would ask that only one person from the premises attends and has the authorisation to show us which horses to treat.

As time goes by there will undoubtedly be further changes to this guidance. We will let you know promptly of any changes. If you have any concerns about your animal and the current guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope that the important measures detailed above are not required for a prolonged period of time. Let’s hope that we can all get back to normal life in the near future. Please help us to keep you and our staff safe and reduce the further spread of corona virus.

Chine House Veterinary Hospital