Guidance for Small Animal Appointments

Since our previous Covid-19 update announcement on 7th September we have received a small number of questions regarding the wearing of masks on the premises.


If you are exempt from wearing a mask we are happy to offer the same service to you without entering the building and carry out the consultation in the car park, or for the nurse/vet to bring your pet into the practice for treatment and then returned to you in the car park – the same process as we adopted at the start of the pandemic.


If you wish to come into the building with your pet for the consultation, we would respectfully request that a mask is worn.  Once in the building social distancing and ventilation in consult rooms will take place. We have carried out risk assessments and due to the fact that we have staff who are either vulnerable, not been double vaccinated yet or are unable to have the vaccine we want to do everything we can to protect our teams and also our clients.


These decisions have been made after very careful consideration of how our teams work together and the contact they have between them.  As we are all aware, even though people that have been double vaccinated can still carry and contract Covid-19 so we continue to do everything we can to ensure the hospital stays open for veterinary care 24/7 for your pets.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.