Equine Vaccination Amnesty- May 2016

It is estimated that only 40% – 50%1 of UK horses are currently vaccinated – meaning all horses are at risk as 70% of a population needs to be vaccinated to prevent epidemics of equine influenza occurring.

Chine House Veterinary Hospital is pleased to be taking part in Equine Flu Awareness Month, in conjunction with Merial Animal Health, The Animal Health Trust and the HBLB, offering a vaccination amnesty to ALL horses over 12months of age, who have either never been vaccinated or whose vaccinations have become overdue.

The ‘BACK ON TRACK’ Vaccination Amnesty offers the second dose of vaccine FREE when given as part of a primary course for customers of Chine House.  The initial vaccine must be given in May 2016 and the second dose 4-6 weeks later.

Please contact the practice on 01509 812445 for more information and to book your vaccination.

Vaccination amnesty