14th May 2020

We hope that you and your families are all fit and well. In light of the new government announcement, we will be making changes to our working practices beginning on Monday 18th May. Of course these changes can only take place as long as we all continue to stick to social distancing guidelines. We will not be at full working capacity for a while so please continue to postpone things that are not absolutely necessary.

We will be undertaking work that we consider to be “time sensitive” and will be moving away from the message of “emergencies only”. We will undertake procedures that cannot be delayed for 4 weeks. However, we will only undertake them if we can keep you and our staff safe.

We will perform routine dentistry that is due if you can bring the horse to the hospital, if we can bring a nurse to hold your horse for us or if we can sedate your horse to allow us to work in the stable on your horse alone. At the moment we want to avoid too many people coming to your premises all at the same time. We, therefore, want to try and avoid sedating horses for Equine Dental Technicians (EDT) to do routine work. We are happy to remotely prescribe oral Domosedan Gel or ACP gel for you to administer to your horse in these circumstances. We would need to make sure that you understand the risks and the exact requirements for administration. Only in exceptional circumstances would we come and give intravenous sedation and then a conversation needs to take place between your EDT and ourselves to make sure certain safety criteria can be met. The same principles apply to sedation for farriery. We are always available to assist you in the best way that we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about how routine procedures can be done safely.

We will also be performing vettings for purchase and insurance. However, these can only be done if you bring the horse to the hospital. Only one party can deliver the horse to the hospital and they must remain in the vehicle. We will only expect the rider to exit the vehicle to tack the horse up, ride the horse and then untack it. The horse will be handled by one of our nurses.

We have been carrying out routine vaccinations for a few weeks now. Some horses will, however, have missed their annual booster during the short period when vaccinations were not able to take place. If this was the case, you will need to re-start the course if your horse competes. If you have the first vaccination in May this year, the second vaccination in the primary course will be free of charge. A visit fee would still apply for that second vaccination unless the horse can come into the hospital.

We advise you to continue to follow the government’s guidance on social distancing. When we visit your horse, please make sure that only one person is in attendance and do not attend if you are showing symptoms of COVD-19 or you are having to self-isolate. Please help us to continue to keep you and our staff safe.