Corona Virus Update for Equine Clients 28 July 2020

As the government lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, our ways of working at Chine House are changing with them. We are nearly back up to our full staffing levels and the services offered have many less restrictions.

Vettings can now take place at clients’ premises/dealers’ yards as well as at the hospital and we feel more comfortable to sedate in person for equine dental technicians and farriers as opposed to encouraging remote alternatives. Visiting inpatients at the hospital will slowly be reintroduced but please keep your visits to a minimum and only attend at pre-arranged times that we have given you. Repeat medication checks by veterinary surgeons in person will gradually be reintroduced to provide better input to your animals’ health and wellbeing. Most checks will take place every 6 months unless more frequent monitoring is required. At the moment we are not in a position to reintroduce zone visits but it is hoped that they will return towards the end of the year.

All these changes still rely on us all keeping each other safe. This is a joint responsibility which is essential to allow us to maintain our levels of service. A case of corona virus in our hospital with the current “track and trace surveillance system” could seriously affect our staffing levels. We will wear face masks if it is necessary for us to come within 2 metres of a client and we are using hand washing and glove wearing on a frequent basis. Please could you maintain social distancing and consider gloves and face masks when you are required to hold horses for our vets.

Please could you respect the measures that we introduced at the hospital at the beginning of the lockdown. On arrival at the hospital, please wait at the gate and phone the main reception number so that we can come and let you in. Please remain in your vehicles at all times unless we have asked you to do otherwise. When you have helped us with whatever task has been necessary, please return to your vehicle. The less people that are walking around the hospital, the safer we will all be.

Thank you all for your continuing understanding. Please feel free to call us if you have any concerns about the continuing restrictions.