Chine House Vets Support Movember



Our Movember campaign is now in full swing. We are now attempting to grow fine moustaches that fit our gentlemanly characters, well wispy bits of lip hair at least!

Movember raises vital funds for men’s health issues.  Many of us at the practice have family and friends who have been affected by these problems. We feel very strongly about this campaign and are aiming to raise £5,000. After less than one week we are up to £800 already, thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

You can donate to us by visiting and searching for chinehousevets.

We are also inviting everyone to suggest famous moustache wearers that our vets look most like. When making a donation, write the name of the person you think the vet resembles most. The vet that receives the most donations will have to dress up as the suggested character. Don’t worry there will be many photographs on Facebook!