Chine House hosts farrier meeting

IMG_0577 Farrier CPD

On May 28th Chine House Veterinary Hospital hosted a meeting attended by over 30 farriers based in the East Midlands. The meeting, kindly sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim focussed on the use of modern materials, such as glue-on shoes and Adhesives as a means of complementing traditional methods of farriery. The Principle speaker at the Event was Andrew Poynton, a fellow of the worshipful company of farriers based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Andrew presented an overview of the many applications of Glue on shoes, mouldable thermoplastics and adhesives. Andrew has been a pioneer in developing the farriery applications of these materials over the last 15 years and has used them in literally thousands of horses. His efforts have led to the development of ‘Imprint’ a unique brand of equine foot care systems based on mouldable plastic shoes. Farriery Applications discussed included their use in sports horses, laminitic ponies, foals with developmental limb deformities and horses with problem feet. His presentations were both thought provoking and challenging. Many of the farriers in attendance had experience of using these different materials and the presentation produced some lively and interesting discussion. Following on with the theme of laminitis, Tom Leaman, one of the vets from Chine House gave a lecture updating the audience on current thinking behind how cases of laminitis develop, focussing specifically on Equine metabolic syndrome and Laminitis.

After a quick break Andrew then demonstrated his skills on two patients. The first, a lovely horse with on going foot problems was trimmed and shod. Andrew made the process seem much easier than it really is and i think many of the attending farriers will have picked up a few tips to help them tweak their techniques. The second patient was a young foal which had returned to the practice after visiting us for neonatal care. The foal was looking much better than several weeks earlier, but was still suffering from bent legs. After appraising the foal in-hand, Andrew correctively trimmed the feet and applied plastic extensions to the hooves to help distribute the weight more normally and encourage corrective growth.

The Practice was extremely grateful to both Andrew and all of the local farriers who gave up their valuable time to attend and made the event such a success