Guidance for Small Animal Appointments

Since our previous Covid-19 update announcement on 7th September we have received a small number of questions regarding the wearing of masks on the premises.


If you are exempt from wearing a mask we are happy to offer the same service to you without entering the building and carry out the consultation in the car park, or for the nurse/vet to bring your pet into the practice for treatment and then returned to you in the car park – the same process as we adopted at the start of the pandemic.


If you wish to come into the building with your pet for the consultation, we would respectfully request that a mask is worn.  Once in the building social distancing and ventilation in consult rooms will take place. We have carried out risk assessments and due to the fact that we have staff who are either vulnerable, not been double vaccinated yet or are unable to have the vaccine we want to do everything we can to protect our teams and also our clients.


These decisions have been made after very careful consideration of how our teams work together and the contact they have between them.  As we are all aware, even though people that have been double vaccinated can still carry and contract Covid-19 so we continue to do everything we can to ensure the hospital stays open for veterinary care 24/7 for your pets.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Updated Information for Small Animal Clients

During the COVID-19 pandemic Chine House vets have remained open to provide essential and emergency care for our client’s pets. There has been a significant increase in pet ownership and the UK is facing a huge shortage of vets, nurses and veterinary staff.
We aim to continue to provide the highest standards of veterinary care and have to prioritise to ensure the most urgent cases are seen promptly, therefore we will continue to keep some same day appointments and ask that all non-urgent and routine appointments are made as far in advance as possible. Unfortunately we are still not able to accept new patients at this time.
While nationwide restrictions have changed we are continuing to work in a way that protects our staff and clients as safe as possible. We are working hard to keep the practice open, should any staff contract Covid and need to isolate (and those colleagues who are not double vacccinated) the consequences could mean a reduction in the number of appointments or worse case to close the hospital.
When visiting the premises you MUST wear a mask inside the building at all times. Only one person is permitted to enter the consultation room with your pet.
Masks and hand sanitizer are available at the entrance to reception.
If you do not wish to wear a mask or are exempt we will carry out the consultation in the car park as before. Please call reception on arrival.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding.
The Chine House Team.


From Monday 16th August as the UK Government relaxes the restrictions put in place due to the pandemic we wanted to advise you of how we will be working for the immediate future.
If you are happy to continue be seen in the car park then do as you have been, park in a numbered bay in the car park, call reception and give them your bay number and the vet will come out to you. Following your consultation please call reception to pay over the phone.
For all admits/discharges we will continue to do this via the phone and you should stay in your car. The nurse will come to you to collect/deliver your pet.
If you wish to come into the building for your consultation upon arrival come into reception to pick up a pager. IF YOU ARE COMING INTO THE BUILDING YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING. ONLY ONE PERSON IS ALLOWED IN THE CONSULTATION ROOM WITH THE VET.
There is a hand sanitising unit at the reception entrance. Give the receptionist your pager number and then return to your car. When the vet is ready for your consult they will page you. Come into the building – return the pager to the basket indicated on reception and go into the consult room. Following your consult please pay at reception, again please stand back from the reception desk unless using the payment machine. We are introducing the pager system to limit the numbers of people in the reception/consult areas.
If you are calling to collect medicines/food please continue to remain in the car park, call the receptionist to advise you are here and they will bring your order out to your car.
Although we appreciate that all of the restrictions put in place by the government have been relaxed we still have staff that have not been double vaccinated. Should any staff member contract Covid then all those that have come into contact that have not been double vaccinated would need to isolate. This could potentially mean us having to drastically reduce the number of appointments we have, or worse case scenario than we have to temporarily close the hospital.
Thank you for your continued understanding. We will regularly review how we are working and will update you via our websites.

Physiotherapy coming to Chine House in January 2021


(More details will follow advising how you can book appointments with Maxine)

We are now delighted to be able to offer our clients bespoke physiotherapy programs for their dogs and small animals from Hunts Hill Physio.

Hunts Hill Physio is owned and run by Maxine Cooch, Chartered Physiotherapist, and specialist in animal physiotherapy. Maxine has been a qualified physiotherapist for over 10 years, working in a variety of environments from human physiotherapy and sports injury clinics in Loughborough to canine neurological referral centre in Derby. With her wealth of experience and knowledge you can be sure that your dog will experience the very best physiotherapy has to offer.

Could your dog benefit? The following is a list of ailments that could be helped by physiotherapy;

-Elbow/hip dysplasia
-Cranial cruciate injuries
-Patella luxation
-Post surgical rehabilitation (orthopaedic + neurological)
-Post fracture rehabilitation
-Soft tissue injuries (such as tendinopathies)
-Disc prolapses
-Nerve abnormalities
-Head injuries
-Vestibular disorders

Prior to your assessment Maxine will liaise with your veterinary practitioner to establish the main cause for concern. During your initial assessment you may be asked a number of questions to gain insight to your animal’s problems and the goals you may have. This could be anything from being able to toilet independently to improving your agility times and accuracy. A full physical examination is then performed from which a tailored treatment program can be determined. Your treatment program will be bespoke to you and your animal. Treatments include, but are not limited to;

-Soft tissue massage, trigger point release, myofascial release
-Joint mobilisations
-Electrotherapy including LASER
-Functional rehabilitation including range of movement, strengthening and proprioceptive exercise programs.

All physiotherapy techniques are evidence based and designed to promote tissue healing and pain relief.


“He is even better than he was pre-injury”
“I can’t believe it, for the first time in ages he bought me his ball to play”
“For the first time in weeks he came asking for his dinner, he’s so much more chipper”
“I’m so happy! We let her of her lead for the first time in months today, she was fab!”
“He is back in the field working, I couldn’t be more grateful”
“We went to agility last night, it was like she was completely back to normal”

You can find out more information by visiting

Corona Virus Update for Equine Clients 28 July 2020

As the government lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, our ways of working at Chine House are changing with them. We are nearly back up to our full staffing levels and the services offered have many less restrictions.

Vettings can now take place at clients’ premises/dealers’ yards as well as at the hospital and we feel more comfortable to sedate in person for equine dental technicians and farriers as opposed to encouraging remote alternatives. Visiting inpatients at the hospital will slowly be reintroduced but please keep your visits to a minimum and only attend at pre-arranged times that we have given you. Repeat medication checks by veterinary surgeons in person will gradually be reintroduced to provide better input to your animals’ health and wellbeing. Most checks will take place every 6 months unless more frequent monitoring is required. At the moment we are not in a position to reintroduce zone visits but it is hoped that they will return towards the end of the year.

All these changes still rely on us all keeping each other safe. This is a joint responsibility which is essential to allow us to maintain our levels of service. A case of corona virus in our hospital with the current “track and trace surveillance system” could seriously affect our staffing levels. We will wear face masks if it is necessary for us to come within 2 metres of a client and we are using hand washing and glove wearing on a frequent basis. Please could you maintain social distancing and consider gloves and face masks when you are required to hold horses for our vets.

Please could you respect the measures that we introduced at the hospital at the beginning of the lockdown. On arrival at the hospital, please wait at the gate and phone the main reception number so that we can come and let you in. Please remain in your vehicles at all times unless we have asked you to do otherwise. When you have helped us with whatever task has been necessary, please return to your vehicle. The less people that are walking around the hospital, the safer we will all be.

Thank you all for your continuing understanding. Please feel free to call us if you have any concerns about the continuing restrictions.


Leicester Lockdown – updated guidance for clients of Chine House Small Animal and Equine Veterinary Hospital. 

As you will be aware parts of Leicester have had the lockdown guidance extended for a minimum period of 14 days.  In light of this action taken by the Government, we would like to remind clients of the strict protocols we have in place at the hospital for your visit:

 Small Animal:


  1. When you make your appointment via the telephone, the reception team will give you full instructions on what to do when you arrive at the practice.  We would encourage you to wear gloves and face coverings whilst on hospital premises to protect our staff members.
  2. When you arrive for your appointment, please pull into a numbered bay and call reception (01509812446) and give your bay number.  A vet or nurse will come out to you to collect your pet and any conversations regarding admitting/discharge will be done via the telephone.  YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE BUILDING.
  3. Please rest assured that any pens that are used by clients are sanitised after use – if we offer a pen to you this will be clean.



  1. On arrival at the hospital, please DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE.  Pull up to the gates and call reception (01509 812445) and give your name.
  2. A nurse or vet will give you instructions to drive into the yard and our team will arrange to unload your horse from the vehicle. Please DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE.
  3. We would encourage you to wear gloves/face coverings and maintain a 2 metre distance should you be required to discuss your horse’s care with a vet or nurse
  4. When arriving to collect your horse, the same procedure will apply and our team will load your horse onto your vehicle – there is no need for you to get out of your vehicle.


Thank you for your ongoing support during this difficult time.  It is a new way of working for all of us and we expect these measures to be in place for the foreseeable future.



14th May 2020

We hope that you and your families are all fit and well. In light of the new government announcement, we will be making changes to our working practices beginning on Monday 18th May. Of course these changes can only take place as long as we all continue to stick to social distancing guidelines. We will not be at full working capacity for a while so please continue to postpone things that are not absolutely necessary.

We will be undertaking work that we consider to be “time sensitive” and will be moving away from the message of “emergencies only”. We will undertake procedures that cannot be delayed for 4 weeks. However, we will only undertake them if we can keep you and our staff safe.

We will perform routine dentistry that is due if you can bring the horse to the hospital, if we can bring a nurse to hold your horse for us or if we can sedate your horse to allow us to work in the stable on your horse alone. At the moment we want to avoid too many people coming to your premises all at the same time. We, therefore, want to try and avoid sedating horses for Equine Dental Technicians (EDT) to do routine work. We are happy to remotely prescribe oral Domosedan Gel or ACP gel for you to administer to your horse in these circumstances. We would need to make sure that you understand the risks and the exact requirements for administration. Only in exceptional circumstances would we come and give intravenous sedation and then a conversation needs to take place between your EDT and ourselves to make sure certain safety criteria can be met. The same principles apply to sedation for farriery. We are always available to assist you in the best way that we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about how routine procedures can be done safely.

We will also be performing vettings for purchase and insurance. However, these can only be done if you bring the horse to the hospital. Only one party can deliver the horse to the hospital and they must remain in the vehicle. We will only expect the rider to exit the vehicle to tack the horse up, ride the horse and then untack it. The horse will be handled by one of our nurses.

We have been carrying out routine vaccinations for a few weeks now. Some horses will, however, have missed their annual booster during the short period when vaccinations were not able to take place. If this was the case, you will need to re-start the course if your horse competes. If you have the first vaccination in May this year, the second vaccination in the primary course will be free of charge. A visit fee would still apply for that second vaccination unless the horse can come into the hospital.

We advise you to continue to follow the government’s guidance on social distancing. When we visit your horse, please make sure that only one person is in attendance and do not attend if you are showing symptoms of COVD-19 or you are having to self-isolate. Please help us to continue to keep you and our staff safe.


Unfortunately due to increasing number of Insurance Companies ceasing to accept direct claims from us we can no longer continue to offer this service for the time being.
Therefore if you are insured you will need to pay in full for your animals treatment and then claim the money yourself from your insurance company.
We are very sorry that we’ve had to take this action but it has been forced upon by the Insurance Companies.
At the current time this only applies to Small Animal claims.


Corona virus guidance for clients 14th April 2020

Dear Clients

We hope that you and your families are all well and coping in this current lockdown.

We as a veterinary hospital have had to change the way we work in light of government instructions and advice from our regulators. We hope that you understand the reasoning behind these changes. First and foremost we must consider public health and secondly we must concern ourselves with animal health and welfare.

During the first three weeks of lockdown we were asked to refrain from many routine procedures that we usually conduct on a daily basis. We were told that only emergency work should take place. While these principles largely still apply, a few procedures can now be considered appropriate if they are deemed to be necessary and cannot be left for a further two months. Every individual case should be risk assessed and the procedure should only be performed if the requirements of social distancing can be met.

We are now able to start primary vaccination courses, complete primary courses and give annual booster vaccinations. We can perform equine castrations. We will also undertake AI work if your mares are left at the hospital for us to monitor. Zone visits will remain suspended for the time being.

If at all possible, we would encourage you to bring your animals to the hospital for us to treat. If you do, you would not have to leave your vehicle and you would be able to stay a safe distance from our staff. We can unload and load your animals for you and carry out any necessary treatment. Where visits are necessary during normal working hours, we will sometimes be able to bring an equine nurse with us. Our nurse can hold your animal for us to treat and it will mean that we can achieve the social distancing requirements for you. In this way we will hopefully keep you and our staff safe. Out of hours and at weekends it may often not be possible to attend with a nurse. If you have serious concerns about social distancing and would like us to try and bring a nurse with us, please let us know in advance. We will always do our best to keep our distance as much as we possibly can and ask that you do the same. We would ask that you do not attend if you are classed as vulnerable, are self-isolating or are showing any symptoms of corona virus. If you cannot or shouldn’t attend, we would ask that you make sure that a suitable adult is present to meet and assist us. If we are required to see several horses belonging to different people at the same premises, we would ask that only one person from the premises attends and has the authorisation to show us which horses to treat.

As time goes by there will undoubtedly be further changes to this guidance. We will let you know promptly of any changes. If you have any concerns about your animal and the current guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope that the important measures detailed above are not required for a prolonged period of time. Let’s hope that we can all get back to normal life in the near future. Please help us to keep you and our staff safe and reduce the further spread of corona virus.

Chine House Veterinary Hospital

Covid-19 – Important Information for Clients

If you have an appointment with a vet please come to the hospital. On arrival please park in one of the numbered bays in the main car park then you MUST call reception (01509 812446). Give the receptionist your name, your pets name and the bay number.


A vet, or nurse will come out to you. If your pet is to be admitted the nurse will go through the admission process over the phone with you and then bring the consent form for you to sign – the nurse will offer you a plastic pot in which to deposit the pen you’ve used (these will then be sterilised).

If you are collecting drugs/prescription these will be bought out to you by a staff member. Please note we can only dispense one month’s worth of drugs at a time.

If you dog needs to remain in the hospital, we will use one of our leads and ask that you take your lead with you. If your cat/rabbit/exotic needs to remain in the hospital we will transfer them to one of our carriers and ask that you take your carrier with you.

When you pet is ready for discharge you must call ahead and pay your bill by phone. Again park in one of the numbered bays and call reception and let them know which bay you are in. The discharge instructions will be done via a phone call with the nurse. They will then bring your pet out to you


Animal welfare is the forefront of our minds and we will do our best to accommodate appointments. Puppies/Kittens/Rabbits first and second vaccines are important to carry out, as is the year 1 vaccine. After that time the boosters can be left for up to 3 months so should you wish to delay a vaccination appointment please feel that you can do this.

We will not carry out routine claw clips unless this is causing distress or problems to the dog.

Castration and spays will take place if there is a risk of the animal becoming pregnant.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow any visits for inpatients at this time – we appreciate this is a difficult time however we need to ensure as much social distancing as possible and take care of our teams here at Chine House. No home visits will take place until further notice.

Thank you for your co-operation at this time.